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3 ways AI can improve your offboarding process

AI can potentially improve the offboarding process for HR staff by capturing exit interview data and quickly delivering documents, among other uses. Learn more.

Offboarding an employee is often a difficult process. AI can potentially improve the experience for both the manager and exiting employee and make offboarding more efficient.

The offboarding process is a critical part of the employee journey, and HR staff must conduct it correctly in order to protect their company from potential threats and gain valuable insights from the exiting employee. AI can help with aspects of offboarding such as exit interview data capture and access management.

Learn more about how AI can help during this process.

Access management

A departing employee can potentially put their company's reputation and financial standing at risk because of their access to sensitive information. HR staff must remove the employee's access as quickly as possible, and automating IT access management can help minimize these potential threats.

Bots can terminate access to the company's suite of systems temporarily or permanently without requiring human intervention. The bot can expire all accounts with cascading automation following an employee's departure.

Document distribution

HR staff must provide departing employees with certain documents within a particular period of time, so as with access management, taking care of those tasks as quickly as possible is critical.

Bots and automation can take care of immediately distributing those documents to exiting employees following their access termination. This reduces HR staff workload.

Exit interview capture

Departing employees' insights from an exit interview help improve a workplace's culture, and automation can make it easier for HR staff to draw insights from exit interview data.

Automation can identify patterns in exit interview responses, keep the interviewee anonymous and store the departing employee's responses in the company's data lake.

HR staff can create AI models that can extract response sentiment from interviewee answers and can run large language models to summarize feedback into digestible insights.

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Christina Kucek is the executive director of intelligent automation at CAI.

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