ChatOps is the use of chat clients, chatbots and real-time communication tools to facilitate how software development and operation tasks are communicated and executed.

In a ChatOps environment, the chat client serves as the primary communication channel for ongoing work. Tools that developers and operations managers already use are integrated into a collaborative communication environment to improve ticket tracking and automated incident response. ChatOps is sometimes referred to as conversation-driven collaboration or conversation-driven DevOps. The name ChatOps is thought to have originated at GitHub.

There are three main categories of tools for deploying a ChatOps working environment:

  • Notification systems, offered by vendors such as PagerDuty Inc. and VictorOps Inc.
  • Chatbots, such as Qbot or Hubot.
  • Chatroom integration tools, such as Slack, Atlassian HipChat and CA Flowdock.


There are many ways to deploy a ChatOps environment. For example, a notification system may send an alert that an incident has occurred and in response, the chat client will use a plugin or custom script to execute a pre-programmed command.

The automation of repetitive manual tasks can eliminate human error and the collaborative workspace environment provides instant visibility and documentation for what is being done. Because it supplies a real-time and historical log of activities in the environment, a ChatOps approach also supports regulatory compliance and security efforts..

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