2-in-1 tablet (hybrid tablet, convertible tablet)

A 2-in-1 tablet, also known as a hybrid or convertible tablet, is a tablet PC that also functions as a notebook.

 2-in-1 tablets are designed to bridge the gap between ultraportables and the near-desktop functionality of notebooks. Some 2-in-1 tablets have a keyboard accessory. Others have a permanently attached keyboard and a base that can be flipped around for tablet-like function.

Convertible tablets are more user-friendly than regular tablets and smartphones for data entry. The keyboard can also make it easier for emplyees to use corporate apps outside the office and help improve employee productivity.

Examples of 2-in1 tablets include Microsoft’s Surface and Surface Pro, Asus Transformer and Acer Iconia. As of this writing, apple still doesn't officially offer a 2-in-1 but instead has been tightening integration of iOS and Mac OS, to facilitate transferring work between mobile and desktop. Apple does offer a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with the iPad.

This was last updated in September 2015

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