EUTELSAT (European Telecommunications Satellite Organization)

EUTELSAT (European Telecommunications Satellite Organization) refers to both the organization and its set of satellites that were placed in geostationary orbits over Europe beginning in 1983. By early 1998, at least 48 countries had become members of EUTELSAT and the satellites were serving both public and private traffic, including telephone services, fax, data, land mobile service, and television and radio programming to home and business users with their own receivers. Since its first satellites, EUTELSAT has launched a succession of more capable and powerful spacecraft. Recently, EUTELSAT has begun offering Internet services including Web page transmission via digital television, using the MPEG-2 DVB (Moving Picture Experts Group Direct Video Broadcasting) standard, a new European standard for digital television. Users are Internet service providers and cable companies that can redistribute Internet files via ground lines as well as private users with PC cards and set-top boxes.

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