Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (Red Hat MAP) is a software development framework that enables organizations to create, integrate, deploy and manage mobile apps. The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform was recently discontinued as a standalone product; however, Red Hat will continue to offer support for customers through 2019.

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform has two main components, Core and MBaaS. The Core includes the components necessary to develop and manage apps and MBaaS (mobile backend as a service) contains the backend services to support and integrate the apps. Administrators can either deploy Core and MBaaS components to their own infrastructures or they can deploy MBaaS components in house while deploying Core components to Red Hat’s platform. The software lets developers encrypt application platform interfaces, use Node.js to provide an additional layer between mobile devices and backend systems (that can be secured using VPNs) and manage user authentication (that uses platform credentials or the LDAP/Active Directory system).

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform, deployed on OpenShift Container Platform, takes advantage of an enterprise-grade technology stack that is based on modern app development principles, including microservices, DevOps practices and container technologies. Once the developer answers a few questions about the number of apps and users, the platform tools provide the recommended Open Container Platform configuration in terms of the number of nodes and size. When the developer answers all the questions, the tool recommends a Red Hat Mobile Application Platform configuration to support the particular use case, including:

  • Number of nodes required for hosting OpenShift masters, OpenShift infrastructure, MBaaS, Core MAP and apps
  • Amount of vCPUs, RAM and storage for each node

As of this writing, Red Hat is in the process of refactoring the platform and plan to release core capabilities from the product (including data sync, push notifications and security) as individual services that run on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, an enterprise Kubernetes platform. These mobile application services will be released in tech preview should be generally available later in 2019, according to a company spokesperson.

This was last updated in April 2019

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