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What's new in Windows 10? Test your knowledge of the new OS

Microsoft has previewed several new mobility features in Windows 10, from a universal OS to better interactions on 2-in-1 devices. See if you've been paying close attention.

Windows 8 strayed too far from the desktop, eliminating the traditional Start menu and homing in on touch-based devices. In the new Windows OS, Microsoft is looking to backtrack and find a better balance between mobile and desktop.

All eyes in the enterprise world are on Microsoft's Windows 10 OS, eager to find out if the software giant can still deliver. Early previews of the operating system were encouraging, but IT professionals will be closely monitoring what's new in Windows 10 to see if those features are more in touch with the corporate landscape than Windows 8 and 8.1 -- particularly when it comes to enterprise mobility features.

How well do you know the mobility features set to debut in the new Windows OS? Test your knowledge of what's new in Windows 10 with this quiz.

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