How can I connect to my VPN to access Outlook and stay away from Webmail?

Currently we have two offices that have a VPN between them. I can access Outlook Webmail on my laptop while I'm out of the office, but the program is a pain. I would like to use Outlook while I'm away from the office instead of Webmail. Is there any way to set up my Outlook to connect to the mail server to read, receive and send mail?
It really depends on how your company has the Exchange server set up. Exchange can be configured to allow POP3 services (much like any other e-mail provider). I prefer it this way myself. Talk to your e-mail admins to see if this they will allow this option.

You can also configure Outlook to connect to the Exchange server and download your e-mail (through the VPN connection). If you go into the e-mail accounts option in Outlook, there will be an option to set up an Exchange server connection. There is specific information on the Exchange server setup page, which you'll need to get from your e-mail admins.

Lastly…Webmail in Exchange 2003 is greatly improved and works much like Outlook does. If they don't allow the two previous options, ask when they are planning to upgrade to Exchange 2003.

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