How do I connect to the console and AUX port of my router?

How do I connect to the console and AUX port of my router?

I have an old Cisco router. How do I connect to the console and AUX port of my router?

You need Cisco Console and AUX cables, respectively. They are normally shipped with the router. Cisco Console cable is normally a blue coloured cable and AUX cable is black. Please try to check if you have those cables. If you don't have them, then you will have to ask a friend to lend you one. Console cable is normally used to connect to the router using a terminal emulation program like HyperTerminal. AUX port is usually used to get dial-in access to the router.

You connect one end of the console cable to the router, and other end to the serial interface of your PC. Once that is done, you can start your terminal emulation program (HyperTerminal comes by default with Windows). You will have to maintain the default settings, and once you get to the screen, press enter few times. You should get to the router command prompt.

Telnet does require a vty password to be set. This is a safety measure from Cisco. If you don't set a password, then anyone can telnet to the router and change the configuration. For setting vty password on the router, you will need to type following commands:

Router> enable

Router# conf t

Router(config)# line vty 0 4

Router(config-line)# password <password>

Router(config-line)# login

Router(config-line)# exit

Router(config)# exit


For getting dial-in access to the router, you will need to connect a modem to the AUX port of the router using Cisco AUX cable. Then you will need to connect a telephone line to this modem. Once this is done, you can use any utility like HyperTerminal to dial the number of the phone line and get console access to the router remotely.

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