Top ten ways to optimize network performance expert Carrie Higbie shares her top ten ways to optimize network performance.

New standards and devices are making networks go faster than ever. Learn the best ways to take advantage of them, saving your company time and money. expert Carrie Higbie shares her top ten ways to optimize network performance.


  1. Bandwidth bandits – Find 'em, slay 'em!
  2. Building in resiliency - If you build a monster, it will be a monster!
  3. Pay attention to applications - Application sizes double every 18 months
  4. Examine utilization - Forget averages – watch peak periods!
  5. Performance optimization - Tricks of the trade
  6. Trends - Know your bandwidth needs
  7. Predict the future - Application changes, speed changes, hardware upgrades
  8. Know your security challenges - Hackers, spyware and malware, oh my!
  9. Revisit and revise - Quarterly health checks a must
  10. Evaluate products - What are the extras in a top-of-the-line system?

Check out Carrie's full-length presentation on these exciting technologies here.


Carrie Higbie has been involved in the computing and networking industries for nearly 20 years and has taught classes for Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco certifications as well as CAD/CAE, networking and programming on a collegiate level. Carrie currently works as the Network Applications Market Manager with The Siemon Company, where she provides liaison services to assure harmony between active electronics and networking infrastructures. She participates with the IEEE, TIA and other consortiums and works to further educate the end-user community on the importance of a quality infrastructure.

This was last published in May 2005

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