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What are the top 5 reasons to move to SAP Cloud Platform Portal?

Gavin Quinn of Mindset Consulting shares why organizations should take advantage of the portal to ensure their users are getting the best experience possible.

With all the capabilities SAP Cloud Platform has to offer, including building and deploying new cloud and mobile apps, extending on-premises and cloud-based ERP with emerging digital technologies and integrating cloud applications like SAP SuccessFactors with non-SAP systems, it's no wonder why organizations are considering a move to SAP Cloud Platform Portal. If that's not enough, here are five more reasons why it's the right move:

    1. No one can get SAP Basis to pay attention to your on-premises SAP Portal. So, stop wasting time, and go to the cloud. Because SAP Enterprise Portal is a complex installation and the vast majority of the configuration and data is in business suite systems, like ERP Central Component (ECC), it's often difficult to make working on it a priority. Moving to the cloud eliminates this concern.
    2. Stop the constant SAPUI5 patches for Fiori, and run your Fiori Launchpad in the cloud. SAP on-premises systems typically fall into a quarterly maintenance cycle that matches ECC. These patches can require a significant amount of work but are critical to delivering the best UX. By using SAP Cloud Platform Portal to host your Fiori Launchpad, you enable SAP to push out the latest patches on a regular schedule and keep your development process fast and agile.
    3. Use it as a supplier portal. Supplier portals have to be accessed outside your network. The amount of security and infrastructure required to build an on-premises supplier portal can be daunting, if not impossible. By using SAP Cloud Platform Portal and SAP Cloud Connector, you can quickly and easily build a trusted and secure solution.
    4. Kick off your SAP hybrid cloud strategy by moving the UX for your core business suite to the cloud first. You can start with Fiori Launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform Portal and begin the transition to a Fiori-first UX. Over time, you can use this platform to continue migrating traditional SAPGUI or Web Dynpro for ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) apps into Fiori but also maintain a single place for users to launch all of their SAP applications.
    5. Get access to the best new experiences for your end users, such as voice control with SAP CoPilot or the new simple notification center for workflows, more quickly than with a traditional on-premises upgrade cycle. SAP Cloud Platform Portal gets new features in biweekly releases, which will enable you to continue delighting your users.

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