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How do you turn app designs into great SAP Fiori apps?

Gavin Quinn of Mindset Consulting shares how SAP Fiori app developers can use certain tools and strategies to turn an app design into a great SAP Fiori app.

When designing new user experiences in SAP Fiori apps, developers often defer the technology decision until after they have completed a design concept. This enables the designers of the SAP Fiori apps to be more creative, which can result in some great process simplification and recombination.

But, eventually, you must start developing the actual app, and you should consider the ROI and broader user experience (UX) strategy to determine the right technology choice. For this, using SAP Fiori for app development has a few key advantages.

  • Fiori is the strategic UX for all SAP app development moving forward. This means that you can add applications into an existing Fiori Launchpad seamlessly now and in the future.
  • The technology platform for Fiori is deeply embedded into SAP, providing acceleration tools, templates and security. This can accelerate development.
  • One of the thousands of provided SAP Fiori apps might match the functionality you need, and it can be used or simply extended. This also accelerates app delivery.

With a great design completed, and after having chosen Fiori as the platform of choice for your Fiori app development, you should consider the following questions:

  • Is there an out-of-the-box app that you can use as a starting point?
  • What other apps have a similar pattern that you can replicate?
  • What floor plan can you use from the Fiori Design Guidelines?
Once the foundation is in place, you can use SAP Build to rapidly prototype your application and gather user feedback.
Gavin Quinn, Mindset Consulting

Once the foundation is in place, you can use SAP Build to rapidly prototype your application and gather user feedback. SAP Build offers several features that can streamline this process.

  • Fiori templates for floor plans or common layouts.
  • Fiori component widgets, including buttons, lists and
  • The ability to create a study and send it to reviewers.
  • The ability to export the design directly into SAP Fiori code in Web IDE.

Once your Fiori-based prototype had been tested, you can use SAP Web IDE to build the actual code. IDE offers tight integration with Git repositories, WYSIWYG design tools, code completion, test tools, and it is tightly integrated with various deployment options, such as SAP Cloud Portal or your on-premises Gateway system.

Just remember, very rarely does anyone get UX right on the first try, even with design in mind. It's best to deploy early and often and continuously embed lessons learned from real users. With those best practices, you will always have a great Fiori app.

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