SAP Enterprise Support

SAP Enterprise Support is a premium support and maintenance plan for SAP customers. It is the most common support plan for customers, according to SAP.

SAP Enterprise Support is one of several support plans offered by SAP. The most minimal support plan is the SAP Customer Connection Program, for very minimal, targeted software improvements. The next most comprehensive plan for customers is SAP Standard Support, which covers basic support and maintenance. That's followed by SAP Enterprise Support, which SAP says is geared toward ensuring customers have access to the latest technologies and tools, as well as access to SAP experts.

SAP Enterprise Support goes beyond supporting just SAP applications, providing end-to-end support of a customer’s entire platform, including mission-critical customer and partner applications, according to SAP. It is designed to accommodate any size of organization, any industry, or application configuration.

SAP Enterprise support comes with a service level agreement for initial response time (one hour for priority 1 (P1) and four hours for priority 2 (P2) messages) and a priority 1 corrective action commitment (e.g. solution, workaround or action plan within four hours for priority 1 messages). SAP Standard Support does not have this service level agreement.

SAP Enterprise Support customers have access to the SAP Enterprise Support Academy, which enables users to grow critical knowledge and skills through a variety of “expert to expert” learning formats and programs. These programs range from self-service exercises such as SAP's Quick IQs to live, hands-on guidance and remote instruction from one of SAP's “Meet the Experts” sessions or Expert Guided Implementations forums. SAP Standard Support customers do not have access to the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.

SAP also offers even higher-end support plans including SAP ActiveEmbedded and SAP MaxAttention for companies needing more assistance from SAP for deeply complex projects.

In the spring of 2014, SAP announced that it was bolstering SAP Enterprise Support with the addition of the ONE Support program. The program, provided to Enterprise Support customers at no extra cost, allows customers to handle both on-premises and cloud support issues through a single, integrated platform, and to make it easier for companies to adopt and manage hybrid environments.

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