SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (SAP RDS)

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) are pre-configured applications that allow companies to deploy software in weeks or months for a set price. The applications are designed to address one area of functionality of SAP's larger enterprise applications, and address a specific function or need.

They are not one-size-fits-all applications for companies regardless of need, according to SAP.  Rather, RDS applications are designed to meet about 60% to 70% of what a customer needs -- beyond which the customer can customize and tailor to address unique requirements. 

SAP Rapid Deployment software applications provide a standardized approach through the use of such things as its Step-by-Step (SBS) guide, a tool which contains all the assets required during implementation, including accelerators and knowledge-transfer materials. The SBS guide is created specifically for each application, according to SAP, and is arranged in a specific order that mirrors the RDS implementation roadmap.

SAP has provided RDS applications for 8 industry verticals, including utilities, banking and retail, 12 different lines of business, and 17 product categories, including business intelligence and supply chain management.

This was last updated in August 2014

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