The history of the PCI DSS standard: A visual timeline

The origins of the PCI Data Security Standard date back to the late 1990s. Explore key events in the history of PCI DSS, from Y2K to PCI DSS 3.0.

The origins of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) date back further than many believe, to the dawn of the Internet era. Despite its humble beginnings, the PCI DSS has come a long way, with many dramatic and traumatic twists and turns over the years.

As part of our special report on PCI DSS 3.0, SearchSecurity has created this visual timeline, which documents the key events in the history of PCI DSS from the late 1990s to today. After you review the timeline, we hope you'll tell us what you think is the most significant event in the long history of the payment card compliance mandate.

PCI DSS timeline

SearchSecurity wants your feedback. What is the most significant event in the history of the PCI DSS? Are there critical events not listed on our timeline? Leave a comment below. Also visit our special report on PCI DSS 3.0 for additional information detailing many of the events listed above.

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This was last published in November 2013

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