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October 2016

Driving into the DevOps world with delivery and integration

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The merging of development and operations into DevOps is ideal in theory. However, working out the details within an organization is easier said than done. Taking the right initial steps can ease application development processes.

This handbook looks at continuous delivery (CD) and continuous integration (CI) and how well they play into successful DevOps. In the first feature, independent Java developer Abraham Marin-Perez answers questions on how best to pipeline CI and CD from the get-go. In the second feature, expert consultant Yvette Francino covers the six steps it takes to focus on disciplined DevOps software delivery. The third and final feature by editor Valerie Silverthorne examines why the Lean business model may be exactly what your organization needs to prioritize business strategies.

About The Author

Yvette Francino

Yvette Francino has over 20 years of experience in all phases of...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Speed up your CI and CD pipeline to get a fast build
  • Six steps to disciplined DevOps software delivery
  • Consider a Lean business model now more than ever

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