SAN technology quiz

By taking this exam, you can evaluate your knowledge of storage area network (SAN) technologies.

Are you up to date on SAN technologies? Take our test and evaluate your knowledge of the SAN. This final exam isn't for the weak, so you might want to do a bit of studying first by checking out our new SAN SAN Learning Guide. All of the answers can be found in its content. (Note: Type all answers using uppercase.)

  1. What type of storage is presented to a server, but is never tied to a file system or volume manager?
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  2. RAID 6 has become more prominent in recent years due to the popularity of type of drive?
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  3. Sometimes called oversubscription, this technology is a quick way to get capacity to an application. (Hint: Two words)
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  4. This technology is designed to transmit data between computer devices at data rates of up to 4 gigabits per second (Gbps). (Hint: Two words)
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  5. A performance test tool for tuning Windows environments, this can also be used to tune performance in iSCSI SANs.
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  6. Edge switches are known by another name, what is it?
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  7. According to Charles Clark, this technology dates back to the 1980s in the field of telephony. It made its first appearance in voice networks as a means of automating certain aspects of network management. (Hint: Two words)
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  8. This practice creates a layer of abstraction that insulates an application from the hardware layer. This allows administrators to gather, organize, allocate and manage storage hardware without regard for the applications or servers that use it. (Hint: Two words)
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  9. This type of switch offers massive scalability for the SAN, yet can be managed as a single platform.
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  10. Mainstream adoption of 8 Gbps is not expected until what year?
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Score card

  • 10 correct: You're a SAN master
  • 7-9 correct: You're a SAN whiz
  • 4-6 correct: You're so-so at SAN
  • 0-3 correct: Your SAN skills are so SAD

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