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UC cloud services support Regum's global expansion

Regum's recent global expansion prompted the financial planning and education company to adopt UC cloud services to better serve its customers and maintain central control.

When organizations grow, so do their unified communications needs. That was the case for Regum, a financial management and education company based in Montevideo, Uruguay. In the last few years, the company's operations expanded across multiple countries, prompting a look to UC cloud services to support its growth.

The demand for new features and flexiblity is driving a growing number of organizations to migrate to the cloud for their UC services. Most UC cloud services also offer a central management hub, which helps streamline communications and offers better support.

The company needed an agile central hub to connect several locations virtually with the goal of improving operational efficiency, data security and overall collaboration capabilities, according to Rodolfo Grela, general manager and director at Regum.

"We had three key points to solve," Grela said. "We needed to solve call loss, improve on the cost of the exit route of calls and be able to record interactions without the recording taking place on our own equipment."

All of these needs could be met by a UC cloud service, which provides support and central management for call routing. UC cloud services also manage call recording without needing to maintain or purchase more on-premises hardware.

To meet its growing UC needs, Regum chose Avaya and its partner, CloudMasters, to deploy Powered by Avaya IX, a cloud UC platform.

Before deploying Powered by Avaya IX, Regum was using a free open source platform with local servers for its UC.

"While it fulfilled its function at first, it wasn't very scalable," Grela said. "We needed a platform in the cloud with support. We also wanted a platform that could reuse the hardware we already had, while still being scalable and easily replicable in our branches outside the country."

To keep up with the growth of operations, Regum needed to deploy Powered by Avaya IX quickly. The company was able to speed up the process by using existing equipment and deployed a fully operational platform in fewer than four weeks.

"The reuse of equipment we already had and the low requirement for new hardware made everything install quickly and efficiently," Grela said.

Improving UX

The organization did not see pushback from employees who may have been hesitant to adopt a new system. In fact, executives initially didn't realize the company had switched systems but soon noticed an improvement in their communications experience.

"They began to notice higher quality calls, the lines had no distortion, they could install their extension on their cell phone to make and receive calls as if they were in the office," he said. "At the same time, they could work from home without using their personal phones."

The cloud UC system also enables Regum to provide a more connected customer experience.

"Avaya allows us to serve all of our customers from anywhere in the region," Grela said. For example, a customer from Chile is able to call a location in Uruguay without needing to make an international call because Regum's PBX is unified across its locations.

"The improvement in response time has been noticeable," Grela said. "The loss of incoming calls is nil. In addition, we have integrated Avaya with our CRM, which allows our executives to manage their accounts more efficiently."

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