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BlueJeans Events, meetings mobile app receive upgrades

BlueJeans Network has launched user experience updates, among others, to its BlueJeans Events software, as well as the BlueJeans meetings mobile application.

BlueJeans Network Inc. has launched the next generation of BlueJeans Events, as well as released improvements to its BlueJeans mobile meeting application.

BlueJeans Events received end-to-end updates to UX, management and security. It also includes video interactivity and controls for large presentations, webinars, training events and executive town halls, with the ability to host up to 15,000 participants.

In an effort to break down language barriers, BlueJeans teamed up with Interprefy to integrate Interprefy's real-time language translation platform into BlueJeans Events. Users select their language of choice, and interpreters will translate the presentation as it progresses.

Additionally, BlueJeans Events now includes built-in Dolby Voice support to provide clearer audio quality and enterprise-grade noise reduction.

Also new is the embeddable HTML video player. Administrators can copy the embed code for upcoming events and paste it within the HTML on the company website or intranet portal to enable employee access. Marketers looking to capture leads can also use this to gate presentations with a registration form and then embed the video player on the subsequent landing page.

BlueJeans also added new security features and analytics for admins and moderators. Only those with both the link and manual identify verification with Security Assertion Markup Language can join the event. This feature provides confirmation of each viewer's identity so that confidential topics and content are secure.

BlueJeans Events will now also provide post-event measurement reports so organizers can improve the quality of future events. BlueJeans' June beta release includes engagement analytics to educate moderators on audience attention rates, content interest and overall engagement. Participation will be measured by how attendees engaged with the host, whether it's via chat, a Q&A, a poll or by raising their hands. How long the attendees remain in the event and the percent of time the event is the primary window on the attendee's screen will also be measured to provide duration and focus statistics.

According to BlueJeans, 62% of Events meetings over the past year have had multiple moderators. To simplify communications among them, BlueJeans has added a separate chat window within the moderator dashboard for a private moderator-to-moderator chat.

As for the BlueJeans mobile meeting application, BlueJeans Network claims it made improvements to security and connections based on direct customer feedback. One change is the integration of the Dolby audio stack into its Android and iOS apps to improve sound quality. Features of the audio stack include Dolby HD Audio, Dolby Noise Reduction and voice placement to present each speaker's voice from a distinct location, as if they were sitting at a spot at the table.

In an effort to improve performance when a user is traveling and may have poor network service, the BlueJeans app now sends quality alerts and has automatic performance management. For example, BlueJeans may automatically turn video off to preserve the audio quality or recommend that users switch to a public switched telephone network connection to maintain the ability to receive video and content.

The app can also dial in to a meeting directly, to eliminate a user's need to enter the digits while on the move.

According to BlueJeans Network, Meetings data shows that mobile users are most active during traditional commuting hours, 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. In order to try and create a safer experience for commuters, BlueJeans Transit Mode will soon be available on the app. Transit Mode increases the size of important buttons, such as join or mute, and minimizes potentially disruptive features, such as video and content sharing for users.

For iOS users, BlueJeans has added screen share features to ensure that users have access to a full in-person compatible experience to share pictures, videos and presentations. According to BlueJeans, the goal was to provide the same level of productivity and engagement on mobile as on desktop.

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