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How well do you understand UC cloud SLAs?

Getting the right unified communications cloud SLA can be difficult for organizations. This quiz covers the essentials of SLAs, from the basic components to IT's role.

While moving unified communications to the cloud can provide simplicity over legacy, on-premises infrastructure, creating a solid service-level agreement (SLA) for cloud-based unified communications can be surprisingly complex.

Most cloud SLAs offer boilerplate items related to platform usage and security, but organizations also have unique needs that need to be addressed in a vendor contract. Organizations also have some homework to do to make sure vendors are held accountable for performance and non-performance of their unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platforms.

This quiz will test your knowledge of cloud-based unified communications SLAs and help you learn what you need to know to negotiate the contract that meets your organization's platform performance and support needs. The following eight questions will explore the basic components of cloud SLAs, IT's responsibilities and how to evaluate SLAs.

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