VMware vSphere Content Library

The VMware vSphere Content Library is a centralized repository in vSphere 6 to help manage and distribute virtual machines, templates, ISO images, scripts, vApps and other files related to virtual machines.

The Content Library allows administrators to update, share and synchronize virtual machines and related material from a central location which can be valuable for an organization with more than one vCenter Server or multiple data centers. The Content Library removes the need to manually update these files across multiple sites and help avoid issues with several versions of the same template.

Administrators can create a local or subscribed library. A local library contains files that are only available to a single vCenter Server instance. A subscribed library holds all the content that can be shared with other vCenter Server instances that are part of the same vCenter Single-Sign On domain.

Administrators can only use the vSphere Web Client to manage the Content Library. 

This was last updated in September 2015

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