Pinpoint insight for personalized pursuit

For account-based marketing (ABM) success, we provide continuous visibility over time at many critical levels. Armed with insight, you’re ready to move when account-buying teams become active.

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ABM delivers the
highest ROI
of any B2B marketing
strategy or tactic
– DemandGen Report

We’ve built an ABM-ready infrastructure over the course of nearly 20 years.  Superior content covering 700+ enterprise technology topics captures needs and preferences deep within your target accounts.  With this kind of insight, you’re able to partner with sales to deliver a more effective experience for the customer.

  • Monitor your target accounts by matching your first party information to our purchase insight feeds
  • Shape your approaches based on active tech buyer behavior patterns at the account and individual levels
  • Activate your program with integrated tactics that synergize Marketing and Sales

See the titles involved in the initiative. See their information consumption preferences. Deliver a better experience. Act together as a team.

4 Steps to Ensure ABM Success

Full-funnel account-based marketing from TechTarget.

A poorly executed ABM strategy has the potential to improperly redirect sales and marketing efforts, leading to missed opportunities, poor conversion rates and waste. Learn how TechTarget’s 4-step TEAM approach to ABM will help you improve marketing conversions and increases pipeline and sales.

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