Guided by insight. Integrated with intelligence.

Clients realize they get more impact when their approaches are fully integrated with each other.

Marketers can reduce
sales cycles by 

with Integrated Marketing

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Our integrated solutions turbo-charge your digital tactics with purchase intent insights to guide your thinking and demonstrate your contribution to pipeline.

Packaged to match your particular needs, integrated solutions address the dual challenges of influence over time and demand harvesting in the moment. Use them as a strategic approach to:

  • Reach and influence your target market across media channels
  • Expand your insight into sales opportunities as they develop
  • Be ever-present and always producing with relevant content and messaging to influence prospects across the buyer’s journey
  • Surround purchase centers at in-market accounts

Tech Marketer Talks: Learn how Silver Peak drives results with global integrated marketing

In this Tech Marketer Talks feature, Silver Peak discusses how they are driving demand and brand awareness globally with integrated marketing programs from TechTarget.

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