Redefining Marketing and Sales Engagement

sales engagement handshake

Depending on which marketer you talk to, when it comes to engaging B2B and technology buyers during the buy cycle, they will quote 1 of 4 stats:     Buyers […]

The Need for a More Intelligence-Driven Sales Approach [Infographic]

To stand out from the competition, and close more deals, sales must become more intelligence-driven With a large quantity of information on solutions and vendors readily available to them, technology buyers […]

Latin America: The Land of Opportunity for Tech Marketers [Infographic]

Latin America

Latin America is a market with unmatched engagement possibilities for technology marketers With a large amount of competition in the more established IT markets of Europe and North America, technology […]

Profiling leads: Don’t just look in the shopping cart, read the ingredients

I recall a discussion that took place in one of my MBA marketing courses about looking at the behaviors and characteristics of prospects to build a profile. The exercise that […]

5 ways to turn your sales staff into social media superheroes

It’s no surprise, or at least I hope it isn’t a surprise by now, but business to business is becoming much more social by leveraging Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube […]

Go Back to School – Even for a Night

As COO, I am always open to ideas and suggestions about how to be more efficient and effective. Any ideas for changes, large or small, to improve our business operations […]

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