The Real Deal: The Power of Purchase Intent Insight – TAKE 4

Steve Niemiec

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Revenue Officer

qualified sales opportunitiesThose of you who have read my previous 3 posts learned how companies like Microsoft and Qlik have recently closed large scale deals in both the US and UK. More importantly, in each of these instances, TechTarget knew about the deal well in advance based on accurate and actionable purchase intent insight delivered through our Qualified Sales Opportunities service. I promised I would keep sharing these stories and along with a new year I have a new story to share about the power of purchase intent insight – this time in relation to a recent win for Lenovo.

In November, news broke that Lenovo  won a contract with the NSW Department of Education for a server refresh worth over $2M. This purchase happened out of ANZ and involved the replacement of IBM servers with 18 new Lenovo servers, originally part of the IBM System X range. These new servers will be housing the department’s SAP HANA infrastructure. Congratulations to Lenovo on a great win.

Qualified sales opportunities NSW
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In the theme of all my other posts covering the accuracy of our purchase intent data, it so happens that we had generated (yet again) a Qualified Sales Opportunity (QSO) for this exact project at NSW Department of Education back in June last year. In it, we knew that Lenovo was being considered for between 10-49 new blade servers, and where the “Applications to Deploy on Blade Servers” included “Business Intelligence/Analytics”. Here’s the proof:

A little while back I posted that it doesn’t make sense to be sold media when you should be shown.   I believe in transparency and think it’s always very important to pay attention to the evidence that can be right in  front of you. Tidbits and stories aren’t always true in today world of news but when time after time the same story or evidence surfaces you need to take notice and action.

You’re going to sit in front of a lot of sales pitches in 17’. I suggest you pay attention to the evidence and recognize that TechTarget has unparalleled access to projects that you want to be enabled with. Take aim and take advantage.

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