Like Tetris™ for B2B, How to Win in the Building Demand Game

The fundamental building blocks behind a great demand generation strategy require the complex interweaving of great planning, forward thinking, and quick adaptation. Like Tetris, how you stack your moves within the game timeframe determines your sales engagements and future ROI. Plus, having the ability quickly react when you get a block that isn’t going to fit!

In this webinar, we take a look at how to build a game plan for B2B ROI success within your demand generation strategy. Join panel experts Artur Trapizonyan, EMEA AI, HPC & Compute Programs Manager at Dell Technologies; Claudia Freudenberg, CMO at Neptune Software, Byrony Seifert, VP of Marketing and Product Delivery of EMEA at TechTarget, and Juozas Statnickas, Senior Customer Success Manager at TechTarget as we review our top tips for building your demand model, including how to be forward thinking in your lead generation planning.

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