Cloud computing development for beginners

Cloud newbies that find themselves navigating unfamiliar terrain should check out this collection of tips, tutorials and news for a cloud development orientation.

Editor's note: SearchCloudComputing published an updated guide in 2015 on modern cloud application development.

Interested in using cloud computing services for testing and development? Then you’re in the right place. Although cloud development can require a different set of skills, it also offers distinct advantages, including the removal of any scalability concerns. And with the continued proliferation of Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, the idea of developing applications in the cloud has become even more enticing.

This guide provides information on a variety of cloud computing platforms available for application development, including Google App Engine and's It also offers best practices and helpful hints on working with cloud application programming interfaces (APIs), along with an overview of the costs and advantages associated with Microsoft's Azure platform.

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Choosing from the major Platform as a Service providers
Many organizations are turning to Platform as a Service offerings for their cloud needs. Our expert compares and contrasts the major options from Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

How Microsoft Azure actually works
Curious about how Azure works? Microsoft technical fellow Mark Russinovich offered a detailed overview of the cloud platform's innards.

Snapshots in the cloud: The developer's friend
What cloud computing features will excite Java developers the most? The ability to take a seamless and nearly instantaneous virtual snapshot of an uncooperative application for troubleshooting purposes, for example, is just one of many things that should excite a skilled development team.

Cloud computing programming API tutorial
With all of the options available to developers interested in creating cloud-based applications, it can be tough to make a choice. This guide gives an overview on application programming interfaces and other development resources from major cloud platforms like Google App Engine and Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud.

Microsoft Azure tutorial: A look at the cloud platform
In just over a year, Microsoft's deep pockets and commitment to cloud strategies have established Azure as a major player in the development world. This Azure overview analyzes every aspect of the company's flagship cloud platform.

How developing in the cloud is different
Developing Java applications in the cloud requires a different set of skills and presents a whole new set of challenges. Bhaskar Sunkara, director of engineering at AppDynamics, discusses what changes when you're developing applications in the cloud.

An introduction to developing for Microsoft Azure
Microsoft’s cloud computing platform has its own operating system and developer services built in. This multi-part series gives new users the information they need to begin developing applications for Azure.

Will appeal to cloud developers?
Ariel Kelman, vice president of product marketing for, said that the company's new cloud database service is available for developers writing in any language, on any platform and any device. The question is, will any developers care?

Compatibility concerns in the evolution of cloud computing APIs
As cloud computing emerges, many enterprises are looking for compatibility between applications on different platforms. Unfortunately, users are often required to revise codes in order to get the most out of APIs associated with individual clouds.


Windows Azure's hidden compute costs
Some developers feel that Azure's pricing model makes it difficult to experiment with the platform. How do Azure's costs compare to in-house systems and other cloud infrastructures?

Google and VMware team on Java development platform
Facing increased pressure from Microsoft's fast-rising Azure platform, a cloud strategy from unlikely collaborators Google and VMware allows Java developers to build and run Spring-based Java applications on Google App Engine.

Developer advantages and challenges of Microsoft's Azure
The long-stated goal of Microsoft's cloud strategy is to provide a seamless connection between Azure services and the company's development environments. This will certainly limit appeal, but developers in Microsoft shops will see distinct advantages. legitimizes cloud strategy with Heroku purchase
Why did spend $212 million on cloud development platform Heroku? With Microsoft gaining in the Platform as a Service (PaaS) market, can now add Heroku to its and VMforce stable and legitimize its place as a PaaS leader.

According to IBM, cloud computing development is moving on up
A recent IBM survey indicates that mobile and cloud platforms are becoming the places to go for IT delivery and application development. In fact, 91% of respondents think cloud will surpass on-premise computing in the next five years.

How will Joyent's cloud platform affect the Web app world?
What's the big deal about Joyent launching a new PaaS offering? According to the cloud hoster's CTO, the service will offer ten times, maybe even 100 times, the performance of your Web app for the same amount of infrastructure.

VMware and take wraps off VMforce
VMforce, a PaaS from VMware and, aims to entice SpringSource and Java application developers through the addition of Java support to

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