Evergage launches Data Warehouse, a BI analytics product

Data Warehouse, Evergage's new BI analytics product, is designed to collect and analyze customer data in an effort to provide more information and analysis to business analysts.

Evergage has launched Data Warehouse, a BI analytics product designed to give companies' business analysts access to customer and prospect data. Evergage will collect, combine and store data in an effort to provide in-depth analysis, so companies can make informed businesses decisions.

The vendor tracks behavioral, contextual and attribute data at both the individual and account levels, according to Evergage. The data comes from digital interactions, engagement patterns, intent, preferences, referring source, browsers, purchases, geolocation, survey responses and weather across all of a company's channels, including its website, email, web and mobile apps, on-site search, online ads, social media, call center and in store.

The platform also pulls data from existing systems a business uses, such as CRM, point-of-sale or marketing automation software. It uses this information to create a customer profile for each account, customer or visitor, and then it's used for analytics and personalization.

Data Warehouse enables business analysts to access reports and dashboards that provide insights into customer and prospect data. Analysts can also build and analyze segments and monitor the performance of campaigns.

According to Evergage, Data Warehouse can also be used with business intelligence (BI) tools such as Tableau or Looker to enable analysts to create custom queries and run need-specific analyses. Tableau offers collaborative software for organizations working with BI analytics, and Looker is a software company that offers a data exploration and discovery BI platform.

Evergage is known for its personalization software, offering features such as real-time personalization for engagement based on information gathered through tracking behavior, time, on-page engagement and context. It competes with software such as Acquia Lift and Google Optimize for its personalization engine.

Personalization is a feature Evergage included within its Data Warehouse platform and has become increasingly popular in recent years. It was named a key trend for 2019 in content management by SearchContentManagement.

The increase in AI technology has led to an automated, more granular way to personalize a customer's experience. In July, CloudEngage launched the 3.0 version of its personalization platform in an effort to give users the right content at the right time.

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