CloudEngage updates personalization platform, chat feature

The new generation includes upgrades to its segmentation capabilities. CloudEngage's chat product has also been upgraded to save visitor details for personalization.

Generation 3.0 of CloudEngage's personalization platform is now available, as well as updates to its chat product Chord.

The new generation of the personalization engine has additional audience segmentation capabilities, which CloudEngage claims will enable deeper visitor insights and a more streamlined approach to matching content to visitors.

The aim of the personalization engine is to give users a personalized, relevant and intuitive experience when they visit a website, according to CloudEngage. It can be integrated with any CMS or commerce system.

CloudEngage customers can choose from six personalization campaign types -- popups, alerts, dynamic images, site changes, forms and inline.

Popups can be targeted to an entire audience, to personalized segments or to individuals. They can show up when it becomes clear a user is intending to exit the site, or an agent can push one to a visitor during a Chord chat conversation. Alerts are designed to make an announcement to an audience. With personalization, different alerts hit different parts of an audience. Dynamic images can be used with third-party systems such as email, and can be personalized so that the geography and weather will adapt the image based on the location and weather of the person opening the email.

Site changes enable CloudEngage users to directly edit text on their website, change images or add messages that a chosen audience can see. Forms enable users to collect data, and can integrate into email service or a CRM system. Chord agents can also send them during a conversation. Lastly, inlines can add callouts to a page, or create layouts with conditional personalized content.

CloudEngage's product Chord has also seen changes. It now saves visitor details and interests. Marketers can then use this information to personalize a site visitor's experience, using both individual and segemented personalizations.

Chord also uses the CloudEngage Audience Intelligence Manager. This enables the platform to personalize a user's site experience in real time, based on what they learn in conversation. Agents interact with visitors, and behind the scenes, machine learning uses that information to personalize web and mobile pages for that visitor.

For CloudEngage customers, Chord chat costs $295 per month. The entire personalization platform, including Chord, is $495 per month.

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