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Cohesity DataPlatform 4

Cohesity's converged data protection product, DataPlatform, integrates appliances with backup, archiving and data analytics while shrinking secondary storage's data footprint.

Bronze winner in Storage magazine and SearchStorage's 2017 Products of the Year Backup and Disaster Recovery Hardware category.

Cohesity DataPlatform 4 is a converged data protection product that integrates software on disk appliances to consolidate backup, archiving, file and object storage, testing and development copies, and analytics data. DataPlatform's global deduplication software reduces the data footprint for secondary storage.

Cohesity launched DataPlatform in 2015 and has been building out enterprise features for converged data protection ever since.

The Cohesity DataPlatform version 4 was upgraded to support Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) object storage with deduplication across an entire cluster. Cohesity enhanced DataPlatform with erasure coding for stronger data recovery and resiliency between nodes compared with DataPlatform's previous replication capability.

Cohesity also upgraded the product to support physical and logical quotas for file storage, as well as write-once, read-many volumes for file volumes, making data written to WORM volumes immutable. The Cohesity DataPlatform software also supports the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is available to users on the Microsoft Azure marketplace.

Cohesity began with support only for VMware hypervisors and added support for Linux KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV. While earlier versions backed up NetApp NAS devices, the product now protects data on Dell EMC Isilon, Pure Storage FlashBlade, and any NFS and SMB file protocols.

Cohesity DataPlatform 4
Cohesity DataPlatform 4 is compatible with S3 APIs and supports object storage for consolidated backups of files and objects.

Judges found the product to be a good value. It has "pretty good innovation," one judge said. "Pricing is a bit high, but because of enhanced functionality, it's a pretty good overall value."

Another judge agreed, describing Cohesity DataPlatform 4 as a good product with evolving features. However, the price (prediscount) is higher than many primary storage products.

The Cohesity DataPlatform replaces both backup hardware and software applications. Cohesity's converged data protection software is also packaged with Cisco Unified Computing System and Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant servers and protects remote and branch offices.

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