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Quorum OnQ 4.0

Quorum added one-click recovery to the latest version of OnQ, as well as deduplication at the source and destination targets. OnQ appliances scale to 400 TB of raw storage.

Silver winner in Storage magazine and SearchStorage's 2017 Products of the Year Backup and Disaster Recovery Hardware category.

Quorum OnQ 4.0, a backup and disaster recovery appliance originally developed for U.S. naval combat systems, added a one-click, browser-based recovery capability that starts a virtual clone of production servers for automated data recovery. The latest version also performs deduplication at the source and destination targets.

OnQ 4.0 is available in hardware, software and as a cloud service that lets customers recover with one-click automation from any-point-in-time snapshots. It takes snapshots of server data to create a clone at incremental times an administrator sets.

The appliance includes nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) flash cache for faster failover of workloads that run directly on the device.

Quorum OnQ provides local and remote instant recovery for servers, applications and data, while the Quorum disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) combines backup, deduplication, replication and automated disaster recovery (DR) testing and archiving. The software automates recovery testing every time it updates a clone, and it provides policy-based migration and retention for archiving from a single, scalable product.

The company offers appliances that are built on modular storage with as much as 400 TB of raw storage and 2 TB of RAM per pod.

Quorum OnQ 4.0 appliance
Quorum OnQ 4.0 appliance includes NVMe flash cache for faster failover of workloads that run directly on the device.

The latest version has bare-metal restore for data migration, performs server image-based backups and automates DR testing in which clones are started and verified after each backup. Quorum OnQ 4.0 does replication for DRaaS using compressed and encrypted backups that are sent to a customer DR site or the Quorum cloud.

One judge summed up Quorum OnQ as a "nice, clean virtual machine backup and recovery product with good, built-in automation testing and instant recovery." Another judge called Quorum OnQ 4.0 an "excellent solution, well-designed with high-value." And a third judge described it as a flexible product with a "good recovery story."

"It looks like a very solid midmarket, automated backup and disaster recovery solution," another judge said.

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