SaaS backup services deliver data protection for SaaS apps

Providers of SaaS apps offer only basic data recovery protection. Learn which SaaS backup services and cloud-to-cloud data protection products fill this void.

SaaS enables organizations to move away from deploying and supporting in-house infrastructure. With SaaS-based applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite and Salesforce, companies of all sizes can benefit from messaging, collaboration and file services.

But the vendors of SaaS apps don't provide value-added data protection. Instead, SaaS providers will take backups and protect data to the level that allows recovery from failure, but not from common operational issues in business, including malicious or accidental deletion of data, logical corruption or access to data for e-discovery and search purposes.

 Data protection for these additional operational needs is the user's responsibility -- in this case the organization using SaaS. Businesses must implement their own data protection capability. As a result, there's been an increase in traditional and new vendors offering SaaS backup services and cloud-to-cloud data protection. Here, we review the market to see what to expect in terms of cost, features and functionality.

Data protection for these additional operational needs is the user's responsibility -- in this case the organization using SaaS.

The vendors examined here protect Office 365 applications. Additional support is provided for G Suite and Salesforce. Typically, product pricing is based on seats per platform, per month. There's little to separate vendors from a functional perspective, although many also offer a traditional backup service and could combine cloud and traditional backup into a single product. This enables cross-platform search and E-discovery, as well as inclusive pricing.


Acronis provides SaaS backup in the Acronis Cloud with a suite of products that protect Office 365 applications -- including Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online -- as well as G Suite and IaaS running in AWS or Microsoft Azure. Features include multi-factor authentication and automated protection of new assets, such as user and SharePoint sites. Pricing for Office 365 starts at $299 per year for a minimum of five seats and $199.99 per year for five G Suite seats.


Asigra protects both on-premises and cloud-based applications. Asigra Cloud Backup protects SaaS-based applications, including G Suite, Salesforce and Office 365. Cloud Backup can also be used to protect AWS Elastic Compute Cloud instances. The company delivers services through partners and provides no direct pricing information.


AvePoint develops products for online collaboration platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. The company offers two products for protecting SaaS-based applications. DocAve Backup and Restore for SharePoint protects both on-premises and cloud-based installations of SharePoint. DocAve Online Backup is a SaaS offering that protects Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Salesforce platforms.


Backupify supports G Suite, Office 365 and Salesforce collaboration platforms. Data protection features can protect data up to three times per day, detect new and leaving users, and store unlimited volumes of data. Organizations can also use the Backupify platform to perform e-discovery and search tasks. Backupify has been wholly owned by Datto since 2014.

Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup data protection uses the private Barracuda Cloud. The product supports Office 365 applications, including Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Pricing is per user, per month and includes unlimited storage and the option for unlimited data retention. Features include the ability to recover data between users, to recover data from users who no longer work for the organization, and to report on all backup and restore activity through audit logs.


Commvault recently announced Metallic, a SaaS backup product for protecting Office 365 applications, endpoint devices and on-premises virtual servers. The Office 365 tool protects Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive. Prices start at $4 per user, per month with discounts for volume purchases. The product includes unlimited storage and is managed through partners. The Metallic website offers a 45-day trial.


Druva is a cloud-native data protection product built on the AWS platform. The company protects SaaS-based applications using Druva inSync, which supports endpoints, Box, Salesforce data, G Suite -- including Google Drive, Docs and Gmail -- and Office 365, which includes OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange. Druva offers Enterprise, Elite and Elite Plus plans, with value-added features such as data governance and advanced administration included as part of the Elite and Elite Plus offerings.


Iland offers data protection for Microsoft Office 365 that's based on Veeam software and delivered using the iland Secure Private Cloud. Businesses pay a fixed price per user, with no additional charges for storage and the option of unlimited retention. By using Veeam software in a SaaS offering, organizations can run e-discovery and search through Veeam Explorer that are built into the software.


Odaseva delivers data governance apps for Salesforce customers. Backup & Restore for Salesforce provides data protection for all data, files and metadata stored in the Salesforce platform. Organizations can choose to fully outsource the data protection process using the Odaseva managed backup service.


OwnBackup is specifically targeted at protecting Salesforce data. The SaaS offering provides daily backup of Salesforce data that can be recovered to any level of granularity, including individual fields. OwnBackup is an entire data management platform for Salesforce that can recover corrupted data and move or replicate data between Salesforce logical organizations. Pricing is per Salesforce user, per month, across Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited subscription levels.

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Spanning, which is now owned by Kaseya, is a SaaS backup product for protecting G Suite, Office 365 and Salesforce platforms. Spanning enables users to execute both automated and manual backups, with user self-service for restore. Restore functionality is available across all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Administrators may also recover data cross-accounts. Pricing is per user, per year for each protected platform, with prices starting at $48 per platform.

Veeam Software

Organizations can back up Microsoft SaaS-based applications using Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365. The software runs on premises but can store protected data back into the public cloud. Pricing is based on a three-year license and is charged per user, per month. Businesses can purchase directly or buy through resellers. Veeam offers a free version of Backup for Microsoft Office 365 that supports up to 10 users and 1 TB of SharePoint storage.

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