IBM Pureflex

IBM PureFlex is a converged infrastructure data center product that provides the customer with infrastructure as a system (IaaS) capabilities and is optimized for cloud computing

The product combines storage, networking, compute, management and virtualization into a single box/chassis that runs IBM's POWER microprocessors or a hybrid of x86 and POWER. IBM PureFlex can be used by businesses for supporting big data and big data analyticsPureFlex is scalable for private cloud deployments and supporting applications and cloud servicesUnlike other converged infrastructure products, IBM PureFlex can work with exiting IT infrastructure and doesn't lock businesses into a specific vendor.

The IBM PureFlex comes in three different offerings, each of which requires the buyer to install their own operating system and virtualization software. The Express offering is aimed at small or medium businesses; the PureFlex Standard is better suited for running application servers with redundant storage are network SAN and the Enterprise option is designed for resilient, scalable cloud deployments.

Although they used to come pre-configured, each of these offering is now delivered to the client's specifications. The choice of CPU configuration allows for a wide variety of supported operation systems: Windows, Red Hat x86, SUSE x86, AIX, IBM i and PowerLinux (Red Hat and SUSE). All configurations use the PureApplication platform for middleware

This was last updated in November 2015

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