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Take the open source hyper-converged knowledge challenge

If you are considering an open source HCI implementation, this quiz can help you further refine your knowledge and better prepare you for the final decision.

There is a strong allure to the benefits of an open source hyper-converged implementation. Open source generally means free or close to it, and lowering the cost of an IT infrastructure is certainly appealing. Eliminating or reducing vendor lock-in is another enticing feature for the IT administrator considering a move to a hyper-converged infrastructure.

Open source vendors have embraced HCI, and HCI vendors have incorporated open source software. Open source expert Red Hat moved into HCI in 2017 with its aptly named Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure software for branch offices. Nutanix, one of the hyper-converged leaders, based its Acropolis Hypervisor on the open source Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor.

Choosing an open source hyper-converged system or vendor without also considering the potential drawbacks would be unwise. This quiz will help you refine your knowledge of the various aspects of open source HCI, which should make your decision process easier.

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