What you need to know about Oracle Data Integrator 12c

Oracle Data Integrator 12c works with several other Oracle products to leverage the capabilities of RDBMSs for processing and transforming data.

Oracle Data Integrator 12c is an integration platform supporting use cases such as business intelligence, data warehousing, master data management, data migration, big data integration and application integration. It can be deployed using bulk load, batch, real-time, cloud or web services.

The Oracle Data Integrator platform is fully integrated with Oracle Database, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Big Data Appliance and Exadata. Its core functionality is based on an extract, load and transform architecture that leverages the capabilities of both the source and target databases used in data integration processes. This architecture enables the software to leverage the functionality, scalability and performance capabilities of relational database management systems and big data systems. An example of leveraging database functionality is native support for Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Pig and Spark.

Key features include:

  • Knowledge modules (KMs), which are the integration objects -- templates, workflows and transformations -- used as the building blocks of data integration processes. A large set of KMs are provided by Oracle, but the Oracle Data Integrator user community also builds and shares KMs.
  • Connectivity to a variety of structured, unstructured and semi-structured sources and targets.
  • Repository metadata management that captures, displays and administers process and design metadata.
  • Administration and management, which is provided by Oracle Application Development Framework and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Framework.
  • Enhanced big data support for Apache Spark, Apache Pig and working with Oozie.
  • Enhanced connectivity to Complex File, File, LDAP, JMS Queue XML, JMS Topic XML and XML.
  • Improved release management capacities for production, testing and development environments.

This latest version includes key enhancements such as increased interoperability with Oracle Warehouse Builder, as well as a tool that enables migration from OWB to Oracle Data Integrator. It can also be integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to manage deployments of Oracle products. Users of Oracle Data Integrator can deploy real-time data integration, leveraging Oracle GoldenGate, which enables faster and more efficient loading and transformation of real-time data. Version 12c also provides enhanced parallelism, integration workflow development, release management and big data support.

Who benefits from using the Oracle data integration suite?

Oracle Data Integrator 12c, when used in conjunction with other Oracle integration-related products, is typically utilized by large enterprises, especially those with multiple integration uses and projects, and those that plan to continue to expand resulting integration applications. Enterprises using Oracle applications and appliances typically leverage Oracle Data Integrator.

The product's core ELT functionality is oriented to both midmarket and large enterprises, regardless of whether these enterprises use any other Oracle products; however, it's common for those enterprises to already be using Oracle databases and SQL development tools.

Add-on products include Big Data (Spark, Pig and Oozie), Application Adapter for Hadoop, Cloud Adapter and Management Pack for real-time monitoring of integration processes.

Oracle Data Integrator 12c is deployed on-premises, but with the Cloud Adapter it can be integrated with on-premises and cloud applications and databases. Oracle's cloud offerings include Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

What editions of Oracle Data Integrator are available?

ODI 12c is the latest release -- the core offering is Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition. The additional options are Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition Advanced Big Data Option, Management Pack for Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Data Integrator Application Adapter for Hadoop.

The Big Data Option provides the ability to use Apache Pig Latin within ODI transformations, PySpark in ODI transformation (custom Python code in Apache Spark) and Apache Oozie to orchestrate ODI transformations in addition to the ODI Agent.

The Management Pack for ODI adds integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to manage and monitor ODI processes.

The ODI Application Adapter for Hadoop provides native Apache Hadoop integration leveraging Hive.

How is Oracle Data Integrator 12c licensed and priced?

The Enterprise Edition is priced by processor or named users. A perpetual license is $30,000 per server and $6,000 for the first year of support. Annual pricing is available. A perpetual named user license is $900 and $198 for the first year of support, with a minimum of 25 named users. Annual pricing is available. Contact Oracle for additional pricing options.  

Oracle provides a fully functional download of its integration platform for an unlimited time, so sites can explore and learn its functionality. The restriction is that you don't use the downloaded product for actual project development, testing or in production without acquiring the appropriate licenses.

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