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April 2018, Vol. 17, No. 2

Want IT resiliency? Look to both security and disaster recovery

We Floridians dread hurricane season. Storm predictors will issue 2018 forecasts, prognosticating the number of storms that will form in the Atlantic, how powerful they'll be and how many will make landfall. We've come to take these with a grain of salt, however. It isn't that we're lackadaisical. But if you look at 2017, they said it would be a calm year with few storms. Tell that to the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Houston. The truth is weather-related disasters are no longer just a possibility. They're a certain probability. And while the frequency of storm events may not be significantly greater than in past years, the severity has been increasing. That's why I chuckle when I hear people talk about their high-availability server configurations as a substitute for disaster recovery (DR) planning. It's also why I bristle when others boast about their survivability thanks to a subscription with some DR as a service. That may work, of course, but only if the cloud service provider isn't in the building ...

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