Explore SciQuest source-to-settle e-procurement software

SciQuest has an array of source-to-settle applications, containing its e-procurement software Spend Director, so customers can decide which modules fit their organization best.

SciQuest is a company that specializes in spend management and e-procurement software. SciQuest offers numerous source-to-settle applications that automate the procurement process with software for e-procurement, contract lifecycle management, sourcing, spend analytics, accounts payable and inventory management.

SciQuest's e-procurement software is called Spend Director, which is aimed to help organizations lower spending and increase efficiency. Spend Director allows customers to automate certain previously  laborious processes, which then allows companies to better manage spending.

What is Spend Director from SciQuest?

With Spend Director, users can automate requisition creation so when they make a purchase and add it to their cart, the selections are also being stored for future orders. All approvals for purchases are paperless, getting rid of order errors and lessening fulfillment delays and shipping fees. Spend Director also automates more difficult processes like budget confirmation and hazardous materials clearance.

Spend Director has more than 2,000 active supplier integrations with hosted and punch-out catalogs, so customers have a wide variety of suppliers to choose from and then work with. Spend Director also features already built-in catalog management, contract compliance tracking and supplier enablement.

Using the SciQuest Supplier Network, Spend Director automates the purchase order process, including management and tracking. Users can also attach more information to purchase orders like terms and conditions, for example. The software also still integrates with an organization's already in-place ERP system or financial applications.

SciQuest offers 24/7 mobile access to the e-procurement software, as well.

What are the other applications offered from SciQuest?

All of SciQuest's source-to-settle applications are cloud-based and configurable, allowing users flexibility when making decisions. Users can access the software online, and it is set up similarly to prominent commercial online shopping sites, allowing users to immediately begin making buying decisions. SciQuest's configurable supplier marketplace aids users in making wise shopping choices while suppliers aren't even charged a transaction fee.

Spend Radar is SciQuest's spend analysis software, which aims to help companies save money and maximize efficiency by updating users with real-time data and analytics during all stages of the procurement process. Spend Radar includes visual reporting, a spend analysis module and immediate access on any device.

Global sourcing software is in SciQuest's Advanced Sourcing Optimizer, which is designed for multifaceted sourcing events that require constant analyzing of prices and non-price data points. Advanced Sourcing Optimizer helps users gather bids for suppliers, ask suppliers for more requests for proposals and e-auction replies, make well-informed bidding decisions, and put together reports with event analysis and outcomes data.

Total Contract Manager is software that can help standardize the contract process and keep track of line items for organizations. With end-to-end assistance, Total Contract Manager allows users to see the progression of authoring to approval, lessen creation times with a library of standard templates for contracts and get real-time updates on varying dashboards.

Enterprise Reagent Manager is chemical inventory management software that helps with the tracking of chemicals, lab supplies and reagents. Portfolio Savings Manager is savings management software aimed to help with achieving savings marks during projects.

SciQuest's Accounts Payable Director eliminates time-consuming, redundant processes and also notifies users when there are discounts. With a fully automated Accounts payable method, users don't have to manually hand key, match and approve invoices for vendors. The software also features a dashboard showing all accounts payable doings, drill-down reports and graphs, and a self-service supplier invoicing portal.

Connecting all of these source-to-settle applications is SciQuest's Supplier Network, where customers and suppliers can interact in one consolidated hub.

How is SciQuest's spend management and e-procurement application package priced and licensed?

Those interested in purchasing or licensing any of SciQuest's applications are encouraged to contact the company directly through its website

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