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15 examples of supply chain disruptions throughout history

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions across the global supply chain. Here's a look at other disruptions that underscore why boosting resiliency has always been important.

Title 15 examples of supply chain disruptions throughout history

Did you know that 2020 wasn't the first time consumers experienced a toilet paper shortage?

Indeed, consumers have panic-bought toilet paper and gutted shelves before. One example of this happened in 1973 when The Tonight Show host Johnny Carson made a joke that it was running out.

In other words, COVID-19 has put a spotlight on supply chain disruption, but disruption is not a new phenomenon.

Thanks to unforeseen supply insufficiencies, natural disasters, civil unrest and even traffic jams, the potential for supply chain disruption is a fact of life. That's why smart companies put a focus on being proactive, creating business continuity plans and learning from past mistakes.

Studying past disruptions can provide lessons on how to boost supply chain resiliency going forward.

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