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March 2018, Vol. 6, No. 2

New risk to cybersecurity in healthcare: Hacker as a service

Probably going back to the time of Sherlock Holmes, crime fighters have known an unfortunate truth: Just when it seems that they have the bad guys under control, the rogues develop a new wrinkle that messes up the plans. That axiom arose for me when pondering the current state of cybersecurity in healthcare. Since 2016 -- when cyberattacks against hospitals started to increase alarmingly -- health IT professionals have worked hard to counteract hacker breaches, malware attacks, employee errors and other intrusions into electronic patient data systems. IT folks have updated or implemented new security measures, applied software patches and boosted staff training when necessary. Then a curve ball was thrown when one of SearchHealthIT's contributors, Nicole Lewis, interviewed analyst Lynne Dunbrack for a feature story in this issue of Pulse on cybersecurity in healthcare. Lewis learned that veteran hackers are giving back to their underground community. In a weird twist on the "blah-blah as a service" model that's popular across ...

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