Oracle Cloud HCM introduces low-code/no-code template tools

Oracle Cloud HCM has been upgraded to ease development of HR processes and improve employee experience, the firm said.

Oracle HR users can now build templates for tasks, such as onboarding, parental leave and relocations, without coding, Oracle said Monday.

Oracle Cloud HCM has upgraded its platform to use low-code/no-code tools. The software development approach enables people with limited or no coding experience to build their own applications using drag-and-drop components. 

For HR employees, low-code/no-code tools will make it easier to develop templates -- called Journeys by Oracle. The Journeys templates provide a sequence of steps designed to walk employees through a specific HR task such as growing their career. HR employees can build Journeys with minimal training.

Emily He, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud HCM, said the firm has been working for years "to make our system easily configurable." Employees across the enterprise are clamoring for low-code/no-code tools, He said.  

HR employees use visual design systems, open a template, edit, remove and add tasks they want employees to complete. HR IT is still involved from a data perspective, but HR employees control the design and user experience, He said.

Less email, more organization

Journeys brings together HR functions under one easy-to-follow guide for employees and personalized, in part, by using core HR employee data.

Instead of sending an email with a long to-do list for onboarding, which may include ten open tabs on an employee's desktop with forms to fill out, new employees will access the Journeys' launchpad and work through "a sequence of tasks," He said.

Oracle Journeys homepage
Oracle Journeys homepage

This improvement is in production and available to HR users.

Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research, said Oracle Cloud HCM's move to Journeys "is key to delivering last-mile personalization as well as tailoring processes to a company's unique needs."

Oracle Journeys return-to-work template
Oracle Journeys return-to-work template

A shift to low-code "has been a best practice in CRM and CX for a decade," Wang said. "It's now making its way to HR."

Oracle's HCM approach will enable both partners and customers "to extend their applications without breaking the code and meeting 95% to 99% of their requirements," Wang said.

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