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Test your networking knowledge: What is edge computing?

Edge computing technology isn't new, but it may differ from your expectations. This quiz covers essential edge computing basics, such as pros, cons and differentiators.

Some may assume edge computing is a new moniker for a technology that already exists, but it's much more than that.

Edge computing isn't a new concept, but one can attribute its rise in popularity largely to the consistent growth of IoT devices. What is edge computing, though, and why does it matter in IoT and networking?

Terms with the words edge and computing -- such as network edge and cloud computing -- seem to keep popping up in the networking industry, so it can be a struggle to understand how edge computing differs from the rest. The following 10 questions explore edge computing's differentiating factors and similarities to those technologies and approaches.

This quiz will test your knowledge about what edge computing is, its relationships with other technologies and its role in modern networking.

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This was last published in August 2019

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