Partitioning and Oracle licenses

One reader asks expert Scott Rosenberg from Miro Consulting about partitioning Oracle software licenses.

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A query on partitioning licenses. If my company has 1000 NUPs (named-user plus licenses) for partitioning, how do I check if they are all utilized or I need more when adding a new database to the list?

Partitioning is one of those options that is typically installed automatically upon installation of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. So more times than not a script will show it is installed even though it may not actually be in use. Your DBA or programmer should be able to tell if any objects were created by a user for use with partitioning with their database. That is the only solid way of knowing for sure if you actually use it. Scripts will only tell if it is installed, not if it is truly in use. If it is not in use, you should not have to pay a license for it.

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