SAP Data Hub

SAP Data Hub is software that enables organizations to manage and govern the flow of data from a variety of sources across the enterprise.

SAP Data Hub allows companies to build a pipeline of data from various sources -- which can include ERP, data warehouses, big data lakes, and more -- that can then be used in new data-driven applications. A single management layer essentially treats all data the same, regardless of the source, which means the data can be governed, managed and subsequently used in applications.

Features of SAP Data Hub

SAP Data Hub is built on top of and integrates with the SAP HANA in-memory database and SAP Vora, a data management and integration platform. On the front end, it uses a simple desktop design environment, or cockpit. The cockpit allows users to create data pipelines; view all the connected systems and the status of the connections; and view the source's underlying data systems. Drag-and-drop functions allow users to create graphical data-flow models.

Although SAP Data Hub manages and governs data from a variety of sources, the data itself is never moved out of the native source. This "push-down" model means that processing is distributed to the native data source, resulting in faster processing and return of results. It also means that users may be able to take advantage of serverless cloud computing to reduce data-management costs.

SAP Data Hub can be operated on-premises or in cloud and hybrid environments.

Benefits of SAP Data Hub

The biggest potential benefit of SAP Data Hub is that it promises to let organizations manage and get value out of the vast amounts of data that flows into their various enterprise systems, data lakes, and data warehouses. Without a way to manage the flow of this data, it may not be very useful, but SAP Data Hub enables businesses to build applications that can derive insights from the data.

Data governance in SAP Data Hub also allows companies to ensure the data lineage is genuine, that it's secure, and that it has privacy protection. The software also shows who has access to the data, who is using it, who has changed it, where it comes from and where it's going to.

SAP Data Hub and SAP Vora

SAP Data Hub is based on SAP Vora, a data-management platform derived from HANA, and while both products are similar in intent, they have different scopes. SAP Vora, which was released in 2015 as SAP HANA Vora, is a HANA-based in-memory data query engine running on the Apache Spark framework to process and analyze data stored in Hadoop big-data lakes. SAP Data Hub integrates with a variety of data sources, and has a broader mission to facilitate data flow through the enterprise, rather than just focus on processing the data.

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