How to select an SAP managed hosting provider

Bill Martorelli of Forrester Research discusses trends in the SAP managed hosting arena. In this podcast he provides advice on finding an SAP managed hosting provider, as well as how to determine a provider's level of SAP know-how.

There are many reasons that an organization turns to a managed hosting provider to run its SAP infrastructure. Economic pressures. A need for speed or ease of implementation. Lack of in-house SAP skills.

In this podcast, Bill Martorelli, principal analyst with Forrester Research, discusses trends in SAP managed hosting. In this interview, he:

  • provides advice on finding an SAP managed hosting provider;
  • explains how to determine a provider's level of SAP know-how;
  • dispels some myths about SAP managed hosting;
  • gives pointers on creating RFPs and negotiating SLAs; and
  • predicts how the SAP managed hosting arena will change in 2009.

  Choosing an SAP managed hosting provider  

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SAP managed hosting
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  Program highlights  

  • 00:59 -- Once a company determines that managed SAP hosting is right for them, what's their next step?
  • 1:53 -- What are the keys to writing the RFP for an SAP managed hosting?
  • 5:27 -- How can you determine if a potential provider has the requisite SAP know-how?
  • 7:02 -- Does the service provider's use of virtualization enter into the equation?
  • 8:23 -- What's the biggest myth or misperception about SAP managed hosting?
  • 10:03 -- Is selecting an SAP hosting provider a long-term commitment? Can you switch providers?
  • 12:08 -- What changes do you see in store for the SAP managed hosting in 2009?
  • Read more about what to look for when deciding whether to use SAP managed hosting, or get an analysis of the SAP managed hosting marketplace.

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