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5 third-party apps for the SuccessFactors Recruiting module

SuccessFactors is a capable recruiting platform, but it can't be all things to all people. The right external application can provide the specialized help your organization needs.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is one of the leading recruiting products on the market and offers a broad range of features and functionality. But  some vertical industries and functional niches require special capabilities that don''t fit within the remit of what SAP provides.

Fortunately, third-party vendors have built applications and add-ons on the SAP Cloud Platform and other platforms to help customers meet all of their needs while still using the SuccessFactors Recruiting module as their main recruitment-management system.

With a raft of partners in the ecosystem, development of external applications for SAP SuccessFactors in general has blossomed, providing users with ways to manage more of their HR processes than is possible through the core SuccessFactors product.

Some people have argued that SAP is reducing investment and innovation in functionality and therefore relying on partners to fill in gaps in the suite. While there might be some truth to those murmurs, many partners are adding industry-specific functionality or creating full-blown applications that cover functional areas that simply don't fall under the scope of what SAP wants to include in the SuccessFactors Recruiting module or are not considered "core" recruitment processes.


Although SAP is introducing its CoPilot chatbot to SAP SuccessFactors, this offering really focuses on providing chatbot capabilities to users of all SuccessFactors modules. For external candidates on your recruiting site, recruiting chatbots can be integrated into the SuccessFactors Recruiting module and support the hiring process. Jobpal is one such vendor selling a chatbot with integration into SuccessFactors. Candidates can ask the chatbot questions, like what jobs are located in a particular city or what benefits are offered, among other things.

Talent identification and engagement

The Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform is intended to help users identify and engage candidates and retain employees while eliminating bias and enhancing diversity. The software helps to identify qualified candidates internally, and uses AI to help predict if employees can learn new skills. Likewise, it uses AI capabilities to help match candidates on job boards and other sourcing sites to job roles and submit them to the recruiting system.

Mass recruiting

SuccessFactors partner Pentos AG has developed a SuccessFactors extension to "mass add" candidates to a job requisition. These could be candidates from a job fair or other event. It is possible to create events, mass add the candidates, validate the data offline, and then feed it into the SuccessFactors Recruiting module for processing for the job requisitions where the candidates offer a potential match.

Alumni management

Managing alumni has become more important in a world where business networking and experience are becoming more valuable. It is not uncommon for former employees to return, bringing with them past knowledge of the business coupled with new expertise, experience and perspectives. EnterpriseAlumni is the leading application that enables customers to manage alumni, including keeping them informed on job openings and other company news. When it's integrated with the SuccessFactors Recruiting module, users can offer alumni the ability to apply for jobs.

Document generation

Finally, SpinifexIT's Strato software provides the ability to generate documents that can be electronically signed by candidates and hiring managers or other responsible parties. Such documents include job requisitions, offer letters, employment contracts and more. Automating them enables more efficient management and execution of the recruitment process.

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