What is a UC client?

What do vendors mean when they refer to a UC client? Learn what a UC client is and how it is used.

Can you explain what a UC client is? Is it the same thing as a unified user interface? Could you give me a few examples?

WhatIs.com defines a client as a program that delivers data from servers. A Web browser is an example of a client: A browser makes requests to display Web pages from servers from around the Web. Likewise, a unified communications (UC) client allows an end user to use a UC system by delivering data from multiple communication applications. In the context you read “unified user interface” it likely meant the same thing as “UC client.” What the client is called depends on the vendor -- one might call it a UC client, another might call it a unified user interface. The interfaces will vary depending on whose system you are using. It could be a softphone interface, an app on a phone or other software that allows the user to be part of the UC system.

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