Integrating unified communications products and other UC trends

Last updated:July 2018

Editor's note

Unified communications and collaboration technology combines various modes of communication and/or collaboration into a single product. It's an area of IT that is evolving, driven by advanced tech like artificial intelligence and by changes in the IT landscape, including security threats.

While many vendors are moving toward products that are team- and cloud-based, there are a considerable number of organizations with investments already made in on-premises deployments. Among the topics this guide covers are integrating the latest UC tech -- like digital whiteboards -- into current setups and UC service offerings, like CPaaS and UCaaS.

Here we've collected some of our best, more recent articles focused on the integration of unified communications products. This guide covers current UC trends and potential pitfalls and offers expert insights on both.

1UC integration arrives, wrapped up in cloud

UC deployments come in a range of models -- on-premises, cloud-based or some mix of the two. But to decide what’s best in a particular company means understanding the pros and cons of each. Learn more about the variety of UC platform delivery options and delve into the debates over each. Readers of the material collected here will gain valuable insight into how to approach this important tech decision.

2UC near-term future focused on collaboration, cloud

UC trends are sharpened by many factors, most recently by a push for UC integration that involves the increased use of cloud in UC as well as advanced technology like AI. Platforms that are only on-premises seem to be fading in popularity, while emphasis on enabling team collaboration is growing. (Evidence of the latter is the variety of new tech now on the market to upgrade corporate meeting rooms.) But nothing is ever certain in unified communications, a sector that keeps on evolving in the wake of technological developments, the business competition landscape, and the nature of security threats to UC.

3Huddle rooms, whiteboards and collaboration spaces drive UC

The term unified communication and collaboration is admittedly a mouthful and that’s why it’s often shorted to just UC. But trends in collaboration tech are playing a big part in the integration of unified communications products now. In this segment, learn all about the latest advancements in huddle rooms, digital whiteboards and collaboration spaces. The possibilities are immense and the hardware and software potentially pricey; it will pay to stay informed on the possibilities and the pitfalls.