Reaping the business benefits of collaboration tools

Last updated:October 2018

Editor's note

Collaboration tools are an essential part of optimizing your team's workflow. In this guide, learn how to unlock the benefits of collaboration tools by finding the right tools that meet your organization's needs across teams and meeting rooms. Develop a collaboration strategy by examining cost considerations, deployments, and hardware- and software-based collaboration offerings.

1Options and tips for implementing team collaboration applications

Once you know which enterprise collaboration tools you need, it's time to think about deployment and implementation. How you deploy team collaboration applications will dictate how effective they are in optimizing workflow.

2How video collaboration and huddle rooms work together

Creating the appropriate space is essential to workflow and collaboration; without the right space for the job, more issues than solutions can crop up. Here's how to assess your needs for conference rooms, huddle rooms and more.

3Navigating options to choose a cloud collaboration service

There is no shortage of enterprise collaboration tools available and, depending on your communication and collaboration needs, the cloud is a great option. Learn about what benefits the cloud can have for communication and collaboration.