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Cisco hybrid work bundle enhances employee experience

This series of UC blogs examines Cisco's hybrid work bundle, Neat's new Neat Pulse offering and how Zoho Workplace increases work productivity.

With more employees returning to the office, the hybrid workforce is constantly changing and becoming more flexible. Cisco is offering a new hybrid work collection that enables a better experience for all employees, whether they work from home or from the office, according to GlobalData analyst Gregg Willsky in a blog.

Some employees are returning to in-person work of their own volition, while other organizations are mandating they come into the office. Whatever approach a company takes, Cisco has developed a plan that could meet the needs on either end of the return-to-office spectrum.

Cisco's hybrid work bundle includes plans for redesigning office workspaces and work-from-office flexibility with documentation for IT professionals, as well as software, work-from-home and work-from-office hybrid offers, Willsky explained. These capabilities consist of important management, collaboration and security tools that could help companies maximize productivity within their workspaces.

Cisco's approach to maintaining a hybrid work environment is unique and sets the company apart from the pack, leaving a more recognizable mark on the hybrid working world, according to Willsky.

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Neat announces Neat Pulse

Neat, a company which specializes in video conferencing devices, introduced Neat Pulse, which provides device support, management and monitoring. Customers use Neat devices to ensure seamless and manageable meetings through video applications, such as Zoom and Microsoft, according to Futurum Research analyst Shelly Kramer in a blog.

Neat Pulse goes one step further in creating an organized space for virtual meetings with features such as enhanced technical support, warranty extension, and easy management and monitoring for cloud devices.

Neat Pulse's easy-to-navigate services make it user-friendly, enabling more customers to take advantage of the tools offered, Kramer explained. These features are made so that users can "configure, maintain, and update their Neat devices from anywhere, individually, in groups or all at once," Kramer wrote.

The offering works with Microsoft Teams Admin Center and Zoom Device Management, which provides more flexibility for users. Some features that may not be available through these two platforms are available through Neat Pulse, such as changing firmware settings, creating settings profiles and making sure the remote control is secured, according to Kramer. Additionally, Kramer noted an upcoming feature that will provide environmental and room usage data within the company's systems.

Neat Pulse shows that the company is dedicated to supporting successful meetings within businesses and among employees, Kramer added.

"All in all, I see Neat delivering in a big way with this Neat Pulse offering," Kramer wrote.

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Zoho Workplace tools increase work productivity

Collaboration and productivity technology company Zoho Corporation has been finding ways to create a workspace that supports more productivity and less time wasted for employees, noted Rob Arnold, analyst and program manager at Frost & Sullivan, in a blog.

In an increasingly virtual work environment, it is not necessary to limit access to digital technology based on job roles, Arnold added. Software UIs are changing the game in how employees learn and execute their daily tasks in an efficient manner, no matter where they are, according to Arnold.

Most unified communications technologies have specific features within their platforms, such as messaging, emailing and video calling, making each capability its own application, Arnold added. Constantly switching between apps cuts down on productivity levels and the consistency to stay organized, according to Arnold. Zoho mitigates these issues by creating a workplace that includes these features, as well as access to webinar and phone systems, all in one application.

Additionally, the Zoho Trident desktop app focuses on email-based communications, enabling users to customize its interface and capabilities for high work productivity, Arnold noted. With such an adaptive approach to online work environments, Zoho is one of the few vendors that supports offline work in cloud-based tools, which can attract many companies looking for this service, he added.

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