New Serendipity Labs streaming platform LINC launches

Serendipity Labs launched LINC to provide its users a virtual way to reach a global audience on any device through video streaming and content distribution.

Serendipity Labs Inc. has launched LINC, its new online streaming service and content distribution platform that enables users to broadcast talks, product launches, seminars, town halls, performances, training and more.

Users can also record, edit and archive events, as well as distribute video via the LINC distribution platform.

Serendipity Labs owns more than 100,000 square feet of physical meeting and event space and created LINC with the aim of opening up meetings to users across the globe. Users can participate from any device, according to Serendipity Labs.

LINC is an acronym meaning learn, inspire, network and collaborate. According to Serendipity Labs, LINC will enable users to learn from experts in a variety of fields on topics relevant to their professional and personal lives; become inspired or inspire others through stories of personal success and identifying solutions to real-world problems; network with other LINC members throughout the country through live events; and collaborate by submitting events for posting to share their expertise with other Serendipity Labs users.

The launch of LINC comes shortly after BlueJeans Network and LogMeIn Inc. announced upgrades to their collaboration and video conferencing platforms.

In June, BlueJeans Network launched a new generation of BlueJeans Events and upgraded its mobile meeting app. BlueJeans Events added real-time language translation and Dolby Voice to its platform to provide overall improvements.

LogMeIn Inc. also partnered with Dolby Laboratories for the release of its GoToRoom video conferencing software, which features virtual conference rooms in a room-as-a-service model.

LINC is currently available in the Manhattan Serendipity Labs location and is rolling out across the country, starting at $499 per session.

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