GoToRoom video conferencing software adds Dolby Voice

LogMeIn Inc. and Dolby Laboratories have teamed up to bring Dolby Voice hardware to LogMeIn's GoToRoom video conferencing service software for businesses.

LogMeIn Inc. and Dolby Laboratories have announced a partnership to support the recent release of GoToRoom video conferencing software, featuring virtual conference rooms based on Dolby hardware and LogMeIn's GoToMeeting software.

According to LogMeIn, Dolby elevates the GoToRoom experience by delivering lifelike meetings on the road or in the room. GoToRoom uses Dolby Voice, as well as Dolby's video capabilities.

Dolby has provided its room-as-a-service (RaaS) model to enable businesses to pay an all-inclusive monthly rate for both the hardware and software, which LogMeIn claims eliminates the need for large upfront costs when outfitting multiple rooms.

LogMeIn's unified communications and collaboration portfolio also offers InRoom Link, which enables users with existing supported video conferencing systems to connect to GoToMeeting for in-room collaboration. Rooms with H.323 or Session Initiation Protocol-enabled equipment can join meetings by entering a code generated by GoToMeeting invites.

Dolby has collaborated with other companies in the past to provide its Dolby Voice Room to subscription RaaS models. In March, BlueJeans Network announced a similar partnership. Dolby provided its hardware for BlueJean's RaaS Meetings platform, which is a cloud service to connect desktops, mobile devices and room systems in one video meeting.

In May 2018, Dolby won the Network Innovation Award for Dolby Voice Room, a product geared toward meeting rooms. Dolby Voice Room is an audiovisual product that combines Dolby Conference Phone, Dolby Voice Camera and Dolby Voice Hub. It adjusts to lighting, motion, acoustics and voices in different kinds of rooms using a 4K wide-angle camera and high dynamic range video mapping.

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